ASPS “s/t” 2xC24 (Nostorca)

Ballsy move there, ASPS, going the “Foghat Principle” route with the double live tape. Well, if “live at the lake June 2017” is your “At Budokan,” then you’re in great shape, because that was a bestseller. And there’s no reason to think “ASPS” WOULDN’T be a bestseller, because it’s filled to the brim (2xCS worth, that is) with the kind of viperous synthesizer racket that the kids today really sink their teeth into. Notice I didn’t say “fangs.”

So how many did Nostorca print up of these? A couple mil? Doesn’t matter, you can always go back to press. Till then I’m smitten by these four sides, these four passages, eleven to twelve minutes each, that just slither under the skin and shoot into the bloodstream. Heartstopping, poisonous electronic workouts! Deep jungle creepage, heavy new wave video game death, hovering alien spacecraft transmissions, werewolf miasma wreckage… Oh to be in the audience on that delightful June evening.

Maybe I’m biased because I’m holding this thing in my hand, but I feel like I can never turn it off, this Norelco cube out of which pulses sound and light, like the fabled Tesseract or the evil masks in “Halloween III: Season of the Witch.” Now, I realize that “ASPS” isn’t in the shape of a Halloween mask, but stick with me here – there’s mind control going on, and I’m afraid I’m gonna bite the big one if I can’t let go of it.

But I oh so don’t want to let go, or stop listening! Drink … the poison …