“Arcana” (Aural Canyon)

Primary Mystical Experience exposes the hidden mysteries of Aural Canyon on “Arcana,” a tape chock full of secret wisdom. Or maybe it’s an actual canyon facing exposure – just take one look at that j-card and marvel at the markings of time passed etched upon the rock wall by the flowing water. “Arcana” itself contains the sonic equivalent of discovery, of meandering down that river, of coming face to face with history and geography. Allow yourself to imagine as you listen – you’re on the river, the slow movement propels you ever forward, time is a relative construct. Ponder how the canyon looked in ancient times. Wonder at the people who lived nearby. Dream of returning to that time, of simplicity, of personal fulfillment and challenge. Let go, and all will be revealed.

Well, probably. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

“All music recorded by PME on modular synthesizer Fall 2017. Each performance was recorded onto a single stereo track in one take.”

One glorious take.

Primary Mystical Experience

Aural Canyon

--Ryan Masteller