DAS “Feinted Haunts” (Close/Far)

Look DAS, I get it. I, too, was a freaky “X-Files” fan, which I’m assuming you are, because nobody who’s not an “X-Files” fan says this about their music:

“‘Feinted Haunts’ is about the line between fascination and fixation where memories can become haunted and how grappling with them can be as perplexing and disturbing as the deepest desire to witness the supernatural.”

I have a deep, deep desire to witness the supernatural. In fact, I may already have. I’ve seen UFOs (as in unidentified flying objects – who’s to say whether they were “alien” or “supernatural” or whatever). Really. I’ve seen a demon manifest itself. Really. I’ve come across gnomes in the deep, dark Bavarian forest. Really.

But what DAS gets, what isn’t necessarily obvious when you think about it, is the VIBE, the mood, the intense propulsion of a narrative thread and of excitement. Channeling John Carpenter, channeling other composers who think like John Carpenter, DAS plugs in to the darkness, the night terrors, the weird black shadows where stuff lurks that you don’t really want to encounter.

Oh, but you really want to encounter it. That’s the point.

Then “Feinted Haunts” is for you. It will accompany you on all your late-night ghost/alien/demon/oddity-hunting adventures. It will soundtrack your games of D&D. It will accompany you on your walk home from Bob’s apartment. It will be there when you need the fortitude to whip out your phone’s camera and record whatever the hell it is that’s in the alley over there. And it will do it gladly, and without fear. Because what’s life if you can’t impose a little mood music on your dangerous situations now and then?

Boring, that’s what. Even if you die in the process.

DAS (whose Bandcamp link is “Feinted Haunts”? I’m confused)