“Blue Green Depth”
(III Arms)

You can’t read this -- it's a redacted document. Let’s pretend you didn’t even see it on my desk. I have to get it down to Archives before the end of the day, and I haven’t even blacked out all the sensitive information yet.

Are you just going to stand there while I do it? OK, but don’t read anything as I’m working. Like I said: SENSITIVE INFORMATION.

OK, I’ll give you the lowdown, as long as you PROMISE not to tell anyone. Seriously, this conversation is not happening right now. I could go to jail. Gitmo, maybe.

So what do you want to know about Operation: “Blue Green Depth”?

You’ve heard of the “German Army,” right? You should have -- this office is littered with evidence documenting their existence. This “German Army” uses a form of sonic warfare to infiltrate the population, then they pump their scandalous message into unsuspecting minds by subliminal means.

Yeah -- "Blue Green Death” is nefarious. Nefarious and catchy.

Turns out that most of the “scandalous message” is true -- and you know we can’t let the truth get out, right? That’s why we REDACT all this stuff and send it to Archives where no one will ever see it again.

If we allow the general public access to this information, there’s no telling what could happen. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

German Army

III Arms