COMPS “self-titled”
(Escape from Party Island)

Breezy like Archer Prewitt or Real Estate or maybe Car Seat Headrest, COMPs, formerly Compliment City (aw, I like that one), is Geoffrey C. Webb of somewhere in Michigan, a bedroom pop auteur with an ear for candy-coated melody. And while my cousin Jeff would be mocking Webb for spelling his name wrong, I will not stoop to such ridiculous lows. Here on his self-titled debut cassette, Webb collects two EPs, “I Love My Fucking Pets” (side A) and “pip pap pop” (side B, and from which the cover art is taken). Pleasant, unchallenging indie never sounded so sweet, so much like a “Final Fantasy” character lovingly holding a cartoon sheep. Try to get the unrelenting jangle out of your head, the pure misty-eyed wistfulness of youth out of your heart, and you’ll just be thwarted, frustrated by Webb’s songcraft, written and recorded in a stumbling frenzy, quick and unvarnished, reminiscent of teenage melodrama. Fall in love or break up, I don’t care. This is Webb’s version of everything.

Escape from Party Island