SPECIAL MOVES “January” C6 (Reflective Tapes)

Somebody was telling me the other day that it’s so hard to have fun anymore.

“Do you think it’s because of Trump?,” I asked.

We both disintegrated into motes of dust, the question hanging in the air for eternity.

“January” is a sort of cassingle from Special Moves, and with it comes six minutes of having fun. “Josh from BOX FAN/PARASOL/BLOOD ORPHANS and friends make lo-fi DIY rock,” and life becomes a smidge brighter for these 360 or so seconds. Sparks appear in the corner of our eyes; we exchange knowing glances.

Like early Superchunk if Mac was addicted to Auto-Tune, yet really not as off-puttingly weird as that sounds, Special Moves will warm the cockles of your old-timey indie rock heart.

Reflective Tapes