CHANNELERS “Isles Beyond” (Inner Islands)

How does one get to a place that’s as Zen as Sean Conrad’s state of mind at exactly all times? Because if someone’s got the secret, I’d like to know about. Maybe it’s not such a secret after all – Conrad’s been running Inner Islands for a minute now, and this is his tenth (!) Channelers release, and first since 2015. He’s recorded solo and with others as Ashan, Orra, Skyminds, and he’s surrounded himself with a likeminded group of astral travelers and interior explorers. The secret is all in the music itself – bottled, distilled, ready for distribution.


Isles Beyond is an exploration of devotional improvisation utilizing mainly acoustic instruments, and the results are stunning (as per friggin usual). No one goes down a meditative path like Sean Conrad does – he’s just the new master of the new New Age headspace, perfectly placing those dulcimer hits and those guitar string plucks and those piano fragments. It’s even more impressive that Conrad does not wield a synthesizer like a crutch – it’s so easy to draw out those tones (and I LOVE me some cosmic synth work, don’t get me wrong), but here the music is much more lived in, the subtleties much more natural, the spirituality much more accessible. How is it that each Channelers release is as gloriously uplifting as the last? It’s that secret again – it’s in the DNA of the music.