FRAGMENT OF JOY “Cosmic Nosebleed” / “Volcanic Brain” (Orb Tapes)

“Cosmic Nosebleed” is exactly the kind of post-hardcore I wanted to play in bands back in college, but I think we were too hamstrung by the allure of psychedelic-length songs to really pare ourselves down. I was right on the verge, right on that edge – but I pulled back into the embrace of odd indie, like Modest Mouse’s first two records. I shrug, whatever, that’s who I was, man. I had a scream that could flay your face – I hid it.


“Volcanic Brain” reminds me what can happen when something like June of 44 blows up in your face – it becomes something along the lines of Planes Mistaken for Stars. This takes me back – I wish I still was that weird aggro/anti-aggro guitar hugger sometimes, one who slink an off-kilter melody from the neck and then stomp the fuzz box when the time came. Dynamics. It was all about dynamics. Fragment of Joy has it down.