THE WEIRDO FROM ANOTHER PLANET “Broken Fence Syndrome” C30 (Self-Released)

The Weirdo from Another Planet (aka Fidelity Astro [siiic]) has broken free from the hip-hop beat here to re-examine their relationship with tones & tropes far beyond the comfort zone. 

Throughout this half-hour set (same on both sides), you’ll find War o’ the Worlds dramatics & fantasy film theatrics paired with droning organ layers that ingest themselves on the regular. 

You’ll find galloping drum machinations struggling under driving bass & tiny-room feedbacks that already obfuscate already obscured chants & passing vocal utterances.

There will be bleeps & bloops a-la dial-up chaos corralled. Tribal whoops blending into industrial percussives paired with early techno-treble pew-pew-pew onslaughts. 5/4 and 7/8 riffs. Some stoner/grungy themes…and chiptune…amidst turntablistic tendencies. At the end, there’s an “epic”* indie-new-age meld that brings me back to the stretched-out interludes of Christie Front Drive.

Listen with headphones and an adventurous heart.

—Jacob An Kittenplan

*as defined by “kids-these-fucking-days”