Jazz nerds Patrick Shiroishi and Dylan Fujioka sure have been hanging out together for a long time, ever since they met at band camp (the activity, not the juggernaut music marketplace) in junior high or whatever. Maybe not that long ago. At least as long ago as that 2013 Chelsea Wolfe record. Chelsea Wolfe, people! That’s not jazz.


This is jazz. And it’s on Orb Tapes, which means that, since Orb knows its shit, the jazz iz good jazz. Both Shiroishi and Fujioka have popped up on Astral Spirits before, so they know what kind of company to keep. (To clarify: that’s good company.) Both players are in fine form here, Shiroishi on sax, Fujioka on the kit, and both have incredible chemistry as they cook up two long-form improvisations (and one short one). Shiroishi’s playing is positively Coltrane-esque, and Fujioka splits time between modern exploratory patterns and straight-up Art Blakey worship. Look, when I start saying “Coltrane” and “Blakey,” you know you’ve got something cooking here (or that I’m full of crap).


Since I’m not full of crap, you can be sure that an utter wonderland awaits your exploration – a Neba Neba land, maybe? OK, that may have gone too far, but adventure surely will follow every time you pop in this tape. Adventure has followed me to this review, which … is it exciting? Doesn’t matter, listen yonder, order below.