UNDERWORLD ORCHARD “Underworld Orchard” C37 (20/20 Records and Tapes)

Baltimore trio composition: Two witchy vocalists, one banjo, one heavily-pedal’d electric guitar. Perhaps a cavernous recording room? A slew of towering, immaculately rusty candelabras? Three or more wax-splattered skulls* of varying charismatic megafauna?

Underworld Orchard sets up a serious M-O-O-D with their MountainMan-meets-IndiraValey mix of dark, harmonic vocal blends, story-telling asides, buried, atmospheric string-amblings, and str8 up spiritual lamentations. 

Not exactly an upper, this is a great soundtrack for candle-lit watercoloring or just actively examining the backs of your eyelids amidst the flicker of a nearby red tea light.




—Jacob An Kittenplan

*legally and respectfully obtained, of course