THE IDE OF EARTH “I Dream Seldom That You Emerged on Altered Craft with My Shining” (Orb Tapes)


And here I thought it was me who was bad at Google Translate, but it turns out that The Ide of Earth, aka Parker Weston (PKWST, Butoh Sonics, Smogma, Barrett/Weston Duo, Claustronaut, Sugar Pills Bone, etc.), has no idea what the heck he’s translating. Unless of course I Dream Seldom That You Emerged on Altered Craft with My Shining is an intentional title and not a word frappe expelled out the back end of an internet program. Come to think of it, it could very well be both – who am I to judge?


Awesome title aside, Weston ostensibly goes HNW on us here as The Ide of Earth, but this isn’t your standard blackened blast furnace of sonic hell. Flashing his MO by referring to these tracks as “mantras of pollution for the future of our end,” Weston chucks all manner of junk and chemicals into his media blender and shoots out riotously weird signal after riotously weird signal in our direction. Is he hastening our end with this toxic nastiness, filling our rivers and aquifers and reservoirs with pulsing sludge? Is that what the shining is, this radioactive goo that’s filling our ears until we suffocate or become fully poisoned, whichever comes first?


No, there’s too much experimental fun going on here for that. First, Weston doesn’t hang around one idea too long, preferring shorter pieces so that he jump from one thing to the next. Second, again, this ain’t the most blackened death noise there is. Third, the variety is such that it keeps you on your toes, keeps you upbeat, keeps your energy cooking. That’s what makes this such an active, engaging listen. Now, I wonder what this review would sound like if I translate it into German? Hmmm …