ADAM VOID “New Depression Era Rambler” (Cut in the Fence)


When Black Mountain, North Carolina, starts spitting out no wave/antifolk outlaws, you know something’s festering down south, something weird and rotten. That something weird and rotten is Adam Void, an experimental sound masochist with a bunch of keyboards and noisemakers and other dirty ephemera, as well as some recording equipment. On New Depression Era Rambler, Void taps into New Weird America, turns it on its head, introduces it to electricity and circuits, and terrifies both it/them/us in doing so. Get these demons out of my house!
Like a hermit popping back into civilization after a good sixty-year break, Adam Void alternates between undigested folk ditties and electric toy freakouts. He pokes and prods the newfangled equipment, jumping back and covering his face as he’s surprised by the sounds he makes. But he gets the hang of it, and the result is frequently exciting, the twelve short tracks slamming against each other in ADD glee. He’s like a hobo with a bindle full of samplers and drum machines, playing boxcars on the back tracks of Appalachia to audiences of squirrels, birds, and raccoons. Killer set!