X.Y.R. “Tourist” C40 (Ingrown Records)

Hazily plucked from underside the many islands floating over Russia’s tropical moonscapes, X.Y.R. share with us a blissed-out blend of New Age synth tones/drones/arpeggios, Afro-Cuban grooves, Gamelan-esque, hypnotic counterpoints, and a relentlessly pleasant vibe camping out between ambient, upbeat, and entrancing. The consonance sparkles non-stop, the interlocking rhythms and transient, textural glares waft in & out, the sense of serenity practically glowing in one's ear canals.

It’s a tall order to create something as equally dance-able as it is nap-able, but this set of jamz does the trick every single time!




—Jacob An Kittenplan