CORSICA ANNEX “Doors Outside” C30 (Ingrown Records)

Corsica Annex’s looooooong awaited follow up (to a goddamn brilliant debut, also in Ingrown!) is a jam-packed half hour’s worth of slow-motion power-scubaing through shimmering coral reefs of sunny synthesizer washes, needling guitar plucks, woozy tape manipulations, & a warm undercurrent of mixing wizardry that’s sure to sweep one’s mind off its root-system. 

All elements swagger and sway into the periphery of our aural tunnel vision and out, as if to signal to our short-sighted minds which current to ride next; staccato attack or droning retreat? Whichever way the ear takes, we find ourselves lazily led into ever cascading permutations, strolling onward and upward, into permanent sunrise. 

Beatific study/power-napping music for the eager mind and heart!


—Jacob An Kittenplan