ENDURANCE “Day Trips” C42 (Distant Bloom)


All is dream, here, for Endurance. Despite its name, Day Trips isn’t the hopping-in-the-car-to-the-countryside kind of day trip, not unless you’ve got a blanket to lay on beneath a tree in a meadow, one on which you can relax and shut your eyes for a while. That’s a really enticing proposition, actually, so I might follow my intuition right out of this tape and into real life. But until then, Endurance, aka Joshua Stefane, curator of the lovely Japan-based Muzan Editions tape label, has got my full attention, even though “full attention” here includes the opposite of that: letting your mind wander down the avenues Day Trips is, well, tripping.
Stefane has been around the block, and you can try to count the Endurance releases on his Discogs or Bandcamp page, but it’s fruitless – there are too many. So you probably know the drill: long-form ambient pieces made with modular synthesizers and field recordings. A contact mic or two. All combined in the secret laboratory where sound becomes an ethereal state and the division between levels of being and astral planes and mental states and even universes blurs until it’s one enlightened whole. And again, all is dream: “Sleep Timer,” “Dream Prep,” and “Stretching Toward the Sea” all fill the mind with warm serotonin, initiating the blissful drift into walking unconsciousness. Time ceases, peace ensues.
As it should be; as it happens in all Endurance releases.