PAINTED FACES “American Basement” (Already Dead)


David Drucker is back in his Painted Faces moniker, this time with some literal painted faces on his j-card – well, at least old werewolf Dad. The Halloween look harkens back to my childhood, when we all dressed up for the season and had parties in basements and everyone thought the peeled grapes they were feeling were eyeballs. Anyway! That’s terrifying in every way.
Drucker brings out that unique American dread, where things like Halloween parties in the 1980s occurred even though everyone was headed to hell in a handcart. Or maybe they were already there, in the wood-paneled variety. His lo-fi one-man stoner rock shtick (with a healthy dose of seasick Casio) does an admirable job whisking me away to a nostalgic place that I’m not certain is actually nostalgic – it’s more like a place I left and return to in my mind periodically with discomfort.
It’s weird, unnatural, and smells of bong rips. (That was the college part, not the kid growing up part. We still had wood-paneled basements in college.) Drucker’s music is weird, unnatural, and is probably made following a handful of bong rips. Is Painted Faces maybe, perhaps, the perfect example of the American way shot into the night, crippled and alone, dirty and subsisting on junk food?
Could be.