NORAH LORWAY “Future Void” C24 (Distant Bloom)


All this talk of voids, future or otherwise, makes me think of absolutely nothing. That makes sense, right? There’s nothing in a void, by definition. It lacks. Which is why I’m trying to figure out this Future Void tape by Dr. Norah Lorway (Falmouth University), one purportedly pointing the way toward emptiness. “Trying” because there’s nothing suggesting this tape isn’t full of rich ambient textures, and if we’re looking to the future, this here in the present is making me much more hopeful that the future will also contain supplemental rich ambient textures. I don’t have any reason to think otherwise.
Unless … perhaps Future Void is the sound of sound leaving, the process of emptying completely. If so, then maybe we’re onto something, as Lorway’s sounds do indeed dissipate as they progress, at first blanketing the environment like fog before thinning out and gradually transitioning into the ambient sounds you hear in whatever room you’re in. As such, Future Void fulfills itself, but not how you’d expect. Instead of disappearing completely, it simply transforms, allowing environmental factors to overcome it and replace it. No void, just absence. That absence is immediately filled. Perfectly blended.