2 X Blue Tapes

Blue Tapes is a great discovery for me. I find myself impressed with their design & musical choices. The label describes itself as specializing in handmade packaging, alternative process artwork, and curious audio. RIGHT ON! One thing I would like to see...ALBUM CREDITS. I like to know what instruments were played and/or song titles...real record nerd huh? Anyway, they sent me a bundle and, while I dig pretty much all of it, I'm going to briefly discuss my two favorites.

Former Ninja High School leader Matt Collins is back with a solo album titled, The Grin Without the Cat or The Cat Without an Outline. The tape is positively perfection. It is glitchy, spacey, propulsive, and contemplative all at once. At times I'm reminded of the quieter moments of Radiohead's Kid A. Some of the keyboard work also recalls the most far out of the 70s German electronic travelers. All in all, this is great electronic music.

I also enjoyed Light by Japanese sound artist Hitoshi Asaumi who goes by Leedian. This is a work of staggering coolness. "Cool" is not chosen randomly as a descriptor either. After riding through the electronic noise and scientific experimentation with sound, the tape ends with almost acoustic jazz, piano trio stylings. Kinda like the end credits of a movie rolling in darkness after a mindfuck ride through a sci-fi amusement park. Blue Tapes' releases have this quality to them. Both familiar and strange. I suggest sampling the goods soon.


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