3 X Juniper Tree Songs

Hiss and boombox as instrument and bandmate exemplify the sound of Juniper Tree Songs' releases. The label, based in CA, has a consistent look and audio quality, no matter the artist. Three tapes arrived in my mailbox recently and all three share lo-fi as religion. The best of the trio is by Eye Seas and her Fruit Fucking Salad cassette. Aggressive title aside, the songs are haunting and fragile. The intimacy is almost too much, but it ends up being right on. Both Shivering Window's Vt tV and Morgue Toad's Buzzing Vibrations embrace the "direct to boombox"  approach more hapazadly. Shivering Window's songs are better composed and performed, shaky, yet holding together (a lot like the delicate nature of existence!). While Morgue Toad's set is nearly impossible for me to digest. I think there are some good ideas here, but the sound quality works against them. All in all more good stuff from a cool lil label out west.

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