Alto Jeffro - "Night Came" (Self-Released)

i just wanna say one thing before i write about this ALTO JEFFRO tape, and i don't mean this to be directed towards him specifically but i gotta get this off my chest:

for those of you making lo-fi pop recordings for cassette - be careful because the music that SON OF SALAMI (aka JOEY PIZZA SLICE) is making is most likely better than the music that you are making. i don't mean to sound harsh, or discourage anyone from doing what they are doing, but mr pizza slice has set the bar extremely high for what has now become a genre. not only does the man write catchy and smart pop tunes, but his satirical lyrics are absolutely brilliant. he has mastered the art of making music that is as demented as it is beautiful. and it sounds fucked up for a reason - his sophisticated process makes the music sound that way (watch him remove the eraser head and create a song HERE).  

that being said, and with my personal biases aside, NIGHT CAME by ALTO JEFFRO is good tape. from the vibe of the letter that came with the package, i would assume that this jeffrey gallagher guy is somewhat of  a nutty dude (i mean this is a good way). somewhere in the scatter brained letter he wrote "music equals therapy" or something to that extent.. not that this is an uncommon thought for all us freaks out there, but something about how he made sure to include that statement in a letter to me, a stranger, was quite intriguing. the songs, are cute, mostly catchy, poorly sung, reverb drenched, and as lo-fi as the next weirdo making music in his or her basement. 

maybe son of salami hasn't ruined your appreciation for the other nuts making similar music, and even if it has, i suggest checking out this ALTO JEFFRO guy anyways. thanks for the tape and godspeed. 

listen HERE