Justin Scott Grey - "All In Time" (AMOK Recordings)

this i like - i reviewed a tape for the canadian based label AMOK Recordings and - hey! - they send me another tape to check out. COOL! thanks guys. 

Justin Scott Gray's tape ALL IN TIME is maybe more up my alley than the last tape AMOK sent me. why? because its a self described "analog synth-rock album" and i love analog synth jams just as much as the next cassette connoisseur. i'll be frank tho, its definitely a bit cheezy, but cheezy in a good way - the way i like it - tonal, cute, and poppy as all hell, with badass funky drumming. the music is mostly instrumental with the exception of COMA CHAMELEON (nice name), a track that features some beautiful, reverb soaked vocals by a female singer by the name of b.burroughs. there are certainly hints of influence from past kraut/synth rockers like kraftwerk and neu!, as well as the more recent bands like zombi, etc. 

a solid, well written, well recorded/produced tape that is recommended to those of you who are into dancey (non-digital [yes, please]) synth jams. 

buy the tape from the label HERE and check out the music HERE