Tres Face Von Dingo​/​Alosi Den - "Archaic Hymn" Split (HOKO))

a split between two bands: tres face dingo/alosi den - Archaic Hymn Split

SIDE A: tres face dingo is an enjoyable psychedelic downer synth/drums pop group. its nice to hear oscillating synth beds accompanied by LIVE drumming as opposed to a drum machine. the songs are generally solid and feature the usual reverb drenched vocals that would be associated with this kind of music. worth checking out if this is what you're into

SIDE B: alosi den, a band made up of piano, guitar, and "broken drums" contrasts the A side nicely. the lo-fi, folky jams mostly float around one or two chords while the band plays repeated rhythms underneath it. some of these tunes are extremely catchy but the tape itself could possibly use a higher quality pro dub… or maybe my little hand held tape player needs a solid cleaning… hmmm