The One (Family) - Live @ SOMETHINGseries (AMOK)

here we have a neat tape from our neighbors up north in canada land by a husband and wife duo that perform under the name THE ONE (FAMILY). each side is a solid sounding LIVE performance from "SOMETHINGseries" (sounds like an artsy joint to me).

the music is more or less standard ambient/psyche jamz: side A is mostly made up of drones and looped material that builds until a the end when a steady slowish drum beat enters. SIDE B however (featuring a saxophone player by the name james jenkins) begins similarly before launching into a full blown TECHNO jam (not the minimal techno that all my florida friends are all about, but the clubbed out, rolling face on E techno)… pleasant surprise… the piece continues to have different sections and towards the end showcases the sax player. unfortunately he is my least favorite part (i really only enjoy brutal sax playing - brotzmann and alyer - or the wackier dudes like ornette and zorn). this james jenkins dude is far too smooth for me (i do however love mid 80's progged out david sanborn [highly recommended]).

so that's that - a cool tape worth checking out if you're into artsy "experimental" ambient jams recorded live at what is perhaps a gallery. 

listen/buy HERE (it comes with a cool pin too!)

and check out THE ONE (FAMILY) HERE