Life Partner - "Dead Wrestlers" (Sophomore Lounge)

heres a great tape from a great label that keeps em' coming. sophomore lounge is run mainly by some great people in louisville KY and they've released some absolutely killer rock and roll LPs and tapes in the past few years (fat history month, skimask, fielded, christmas bride, giving up, meah, state champion, wishgift, and many many more). i got this tape from ryan davis (SL label head) the other day and have been cranking it nonstop. 

in the flesh LIFE PARTNER is aaron ozzy - he writes all the music and plays almost all of the instruments on the recordings - and he does a stellar job. DEAD WRESTLERS is 10 relentless tracks of sassy, catchy, sludgy, garage punk beauty.  LIFE CHAMPION is a dark nostalgic epic and my favorite track on the cassette (i was a life champion/i was a beast but now i am all alone/i was a life champion/but i'm in giving up/this world doesn't need me around that much anymore). aaron ozzy has seemingly mastered the pop song formula and did i mention that the overall sound of the tape totally rules and so does the artwork?!? 

great release if ya like rock, roll, and everything in between