Sur/Haints - Split (Self Released)


SUR is what i call … sad noise rock (i guess?) … not "emo" by any means, but just kinda psyched out and depressing sounding. but this is not a bad thing because whoever these dudes are, they are very good at sounding sad and pissed off. the recording is quasi lo-fi and somewhat blown out in a way that fits the overall vibe. i didn't find any tunes to be particularly catchy upon first listen but i dont think thats the point - its more the mood that SUR sets forth to create that is very effective.. being dark and brutal in a beautiful and chaotic way.. does that make sense?? see for yourself HERE


HAINTS is a heavy austin based bass/drums duo that compliments SUR quite nicely. some of the songs are on the shorter side with little/no breaks in between giving it an overall continuous flow (im generally a fan of this). the music is  tight and well composed with different sections that weave in and out of one another. a cool band for sure - find em' HERE