CAKEDOG “Menace In the Phantom” (Leaving Records)

Cakedog (Leland Jackson) a.k.a. Ahnnu is a footwork producer from Richmond, Virginia. Richmond is known to be “The Dirty South” and you can expect some of the southern flavor throughout the songs. Leland Jackson states on his bandcamp page that this release is “dedicated to DJ Rashad and the footworkers across the globe.” DJ Rashad is evidently an influence in these 14 tracks and of course a pioneer in the genre itself.

One can undoubtedly hear the technicality of the way the tracks are crafted. Its pauses, breaks, sampling could feel as thrown all over the place which isn’t necessarily a bad thing at all. There is enough substance in the album that takes you to a tranquil place. Cakedog’s samples serve as the main voice of the music. There is possibly a bigger ratio of pauses to drum beats. The album’s mad rhythms and minimal structure is kept constant from beginning to end.

You can’t go wrong with some skips and footwork breaks in your life. It is also neat to see that a label like Stones Throw picked up Cakedog’s release.

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-- Jesus Perez