"A Time To Look Back" (OSR)

Hypnotic, dreamlike electric guitar and vocal versions of pop standards. Songs you’ve probably heard a few times performed with more elaborate and psychedelic finesse than you could have ever imagined. This tape is, oddly enough, a reissue of a home released cassette by a 60-something-year-old luthier in the late 1970s. The artwork says it all…

The reissue is out on cassette via Zach Phillips’ OSR Tapes (this label just released 10 cassettes, three LPs and one 7"... hopefully look for more coverage on these releases in the coming weeks/months...then again most of the tapes are probably selling out fast so maybe just head to the site and get what you can. I highly recommend the vinyl compilation of NYC outsider Hartley C. White, the Ed Askew, CE Schneider Topical & Moth Eggs tapes, the Ruth Garbus 7" and the Chris Weisman LP - editor).

--Aaron Bendich