"Like Lamps On By Day"
(Old Bicycle Records)

The work of a singular intelligence. The artist is conductor and engineer of his own bedroom symphony. He is patiently jamming away in his private, mystical world and presenting the fruits to the listener with classical forthrightness. It is a precious album, beautifully formatted for the cassette. The artist is dreaming honest. A private phantasmagoria for the attentive initiate. It is symphonic, but with great electronic sounds, including analog crack crack. Tasteful, careful variety. No voice to put a face to, but the psychedelic noir cover art can suffice for the heaven-bound earth-child element, along with the breathy flute that ends side B. The music is true and kind of sad. “Like Lamps on by Day” turns out to be a good title. The artist’s website says he is creating primarily in a theatrical/sound installation context. Italian theater. That sounds good and right to me. Recommended.

-- Kevin Oliver