“Canzoni in Silenzio” C60
(Under My Bed Recordings)

A quiet and beguiling cassette from Under My Bed Recordings, a label based in Milan, Italy dedicated to “home-recording productions”. This is a split between two of the “so-called pioneers of the Italian ‘bedroom scene’”, and both sides have a lovely, intimate vibe. Recorded live at a house show (which, based on the sound and volume of applause between songs, sounds like a pretty sizable party), both sides are just a guy and a guitar.  My Dear Killer does all originals, while Bob Corn tosses in a few covers, including songs by Belle and Sebastian and Husker Du.

This tape’s got a sundown sort of sheen to it. Lots of fragile acoustic guitar, reverb on the vox, some people clapping and shifting in their seats as the next song starts. Listen in your kitchen with a single light on. Recommended if you liked Dashboard Confessional (and I LOVED them) but need something that’s a bit more European and/or grown up.

-- Mark McCloughan