"Limbo / Wind Swept"
(self released)

Is this a VHS player and clarinet duo? Laptop and autoharp? Casio and cymbals?There's a graceful ambiguity to the sounds, moods, and melodies that hearkens to the hypnogogic pop that was all the rage a few years ago. But the Limbos bring some free improv moves, structures, and ideas that feel fresh. A fresh take on the palette of sounds they're drawing from with some fresh musical and arrangement chops to boot. Spoiler alert: the clarinet comes alive on side B in conjunction with some spooky, breathy spoken word. Side B could go on a sexy mixtape. Side B can get it.

Word to the wise, it is OK to take yr foot off the delay and reverb pedals sometimes.

But dang, what a gorgeous spraypaint/calligraphy cassette shell for a terrible band name. This band deserves a better moniker just in time for the holiday season. Waffle House? You better ask somebody.

-- Mylanta Stanz