HUN BED "s/t"
(Uuhngreh Schpuggenuh)

From the deep forests of the Netherlands comes Hun Bed. Not sure if it from the woods but it gives me that evil keebler dwarf joy. I like the name because the Bed is what we call my town and Hun is what I call my gal. Who knows, maybe it is a reference to the jolly Atilla the Hun, but I don't know cuz I don't read much and we never got to WWII in school, nevermind goddamned Atilla the Hun.

Anyway, the first thing I hear when the magnets react on my desktop Japanese relic is the low rumble of wartorn Birthday Party when they landed in London. Bleak and I approve. Lyrics are in Dutch, another anti-demerit because I never understood bands who do not sing in their native tongue. This is the Hun Bed debut cassette and they only made 25- and it's still available from Chuck, even though it's been out for months. Criminal. If it was on vinyl it would of sold out by now because alot of collectors don't even enjoy music. If you buy a buy a coffee from 7-11 today instead of the boutique you can afford one. But I know, homeless people congregate around convenience stores and they are quite bothersome and small cassette labels and musicians are normally well off, so it is forgivable. Note to self-be kind.

Dark tones pervade this music and it comes across as civilized and accomplished. The guitars are that perfect post-1981 European pitch and when you descend into the swirl they cut out and get all jumbled,confused and worried. It picks up into a wave again and washes over you in dissonance and resolution. They sound thirsty. I have visions of a loft in middle YrHope where I am trained in esoteric middle ages violin music. Its weird, by midtape you recognize friendly chords that would fit nicely into college radio, if it still existed, before the sound dissipates into art music for drizzly daze. To use a bad catch-all, dare I say..epic.. Or at the minimum Epoch-this Hun Bed is glorious 21st CenTury darkness -as the absence of light. JUst as we like, as we inch towards fluorescence like lost Moths. The singing sounds lifted from a lost operatic stanza from pre-audiotronix. Makes me long for the day of post-passport Kastle living. This tape would sound perfect in a rickety vessel 1000 east of my pier. Reverse Pilgrimage. One can only hope they tour.

Buy this Tape- if it is available still in a month I am morphing into hoarder mode.

-- Michael Montagano