HO99O9 “Mutant Freax EP” (Family)

Two, horrocore punks raging from New Jersey (Jean & Eaddy) who make erratic jams that are crossovers from thrash punk to experimental hip hop. Their name might throw you off a bit, but it is pronounced “horror,” a great alias for two freaks. These guys are cut loose and are definitely not restrained from what people might think about their music. The hook for the first song of this EP, they directly shout “fuck your politics, meet the apocalypse,” a free-spirited and very clear statement in the kind of message they’re exerting. HO99O9 do justice to their rapping abilities as well as singing over accelerating punk riffs. They are not preaching in their songs, they are here to kill the preacher. You can get a clear essence of industrial hip hop merged with synths that are drained and cloudy. This is a project in which you wished they had more material, but the already released work is surely not disappointing. Looking forward to what they have in store for us in the near future.

Listen to their EP here:


-- Jesus Perez