"Moon Lighting"

This album is beautiful. Like I almost started weeping 30 seconds into it beautiful.

There are a lot of bands out there where they have a really good guitarist so all of their music is just focused on the guitar, or a band has a great piano player so their music focuses on just the piano. What I really love about Moon Lighting is how the instruments on every song seem to fit together so tight and perfectly. You don't focus on just one thing because it all works together and every part compliments every other part so well.

This album makes me feel things. This album makes me want to go on a drive with my friends at dusk when the sky is a pale blue color.

Flossy Clouds is a band out of Santa Fe, New Mexico made up of Will McGovern, Lukas Wheeler, and Alex Sandin. I've never been to New Mexico, but if all the bands out there are this good, I might consider going.


-- Garrett Douglas