"I Want Sugar/Hey!" C8
(Gubbey Records)

IWS: Hey, there, ‘90s revival. I hear your expert Wah-Pedal, your pixies-esque vocal arrangements; yeah, you’re capital G, ”Groovy”. Oh, them earnest guitar solos be humble, & those melodies, so very catchy. Super-fun gang vox? Check. Tasteful, metronomic bassdrum-heavy, rock pulse? Yup.

H!: Jimmy Eat World-ish in the layering (but, y’know, still keeping Pixies-liek), with pretty noteworthy rhythm v. lead guitar interplay during the chorus. Nice! Hoping for more of that. Same with the choral blending!

This “cassingle” hints at pretty great possibilities for the indie-rock world, as all the skillsets are present and accounted for. Let’s cross our fingers & hope for the best?

-- Jacob An Kittenplan