Wednesday, November 16, 2016

GAY CUM DADDIES "Crumbs Tour" (self-released)

Your parents must really be proud. This no wave/art rock band from Denton, Texas, "spews" squiggly nonsense. If you like your squiggly nonsense "ejaculated" by a four-piece called Gay Cum Daddies, well, hey nerd, I wish you the best. I cannot endorse this cassette with my recommendation.



  1. finally, something reviewed that actually have vocals and isn't the electronic, ambient norm. no wonder you can't recommend this. i certainly will.

  2. As a current CG reviewer, myself, I can tell you first-hand that the majority of tapes I've received to review have not been ambient releases (I'd estimate 1/10 would fall under the umbrella of ambient/drone/noise/new age), with another 20% falling under the electro-pop and EDM group.

    The vast majority are bedroom-psych/lo-fi and indie/punk/noewave/garage rock.

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