SLEAZY "Night Time" (Self-Released)

First of all, I love the album cover, it's really simple but fits the music perfectly. Second, I'm color blind and it took me WAY too long to be able to read the very tiny faint pink letters that read "sleazy night time" on the front, but I guess that's more my fault than his. And third, the text on the back said this,

"wassup sexy thang, sit down and strap in for this roller coaster ride of sexual thrills and other things."

After reading that, I was genuinely terrified to find out what might be on this tape. Luckily I was pleasantly surprised. This album is exactly what you expect it to be after seeing the cover. It's really just collection of stoner rock songs with a little bit of a surf sound. The kind of thing you listen to while you're daydreaming in a hammock. Something teenagers would listen to while making out on the beach. Just kind of a mac demarco, slacker vibe. I really hate to use the term slacker but I can't think of anything else to describe it with.

There is very little information on the artist who put this out. All I can find is the bandcamp with this album and no other releases or any description of the band. From what I can gather/guess , it's just one guy who writes and records everything on his own in California. I wish I could find more about him because I enjoyed this album a lot.

The album's only $1 on bandcamp so you really can't go wrong. And sleazy, I do in fact like your indie garbage.


- Garrett Douglas