Friday, November 18, 2016


This is pretty much guitar(s) and vocals, which is not to say it has little variance because somehow it all works. This band...uhh...artist..don't know who or what configuration this tape is created by, recorded the first three tracks in various places and then the remainder (4-8) at home. I actually prefer the latter, though it's more about the songs than the production-what little there is.

On that note, the recording is well done-all of it-very clear and direct though not "in your face" direct. The tape ends abruptly during "Moon Slit" for no apparent reason. There is still room on this side so your guess is as good as mine. Just another tape mystery I suppose.

On the subject of mysteries, there is no indication whether the title is the name of the collection or the artist, or both. Additionally, there is no label name let alone contact info, etc.

I'm a bit in the dark here but suffice to say it's pleasant listening nonetheless and I look forward to another dose of whoever this is.

-- Bob Zilli


  1. Hi Bob, weird that we both got this to review. Here's mine - the info you seek is out there. The artist is Eamon Fogarty.


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  3. Hey Bob! I think what happened is I dropped off two copies at Deep Thoughts and they both went out into the ether, BUT only ONE of them had the little slip of paper with the download code and explaination that the lack of contact info was not an intentional attempt at self-mythologizing/obfuscation, but a practical reflection of the fact that I was between bands/band names! (formerly 'extra fingers', currently 'eamon fogarty' i.e. my name- hence the EF on the spine). More music is coming soon...