"Parade Dust Mischief / And All the Early Vinyl"
C54 (Pecan Crazy Records)

Hawt dhaaaamn be this some bad-ass, Carni-fied Cow-Punk!! Or is it Country-fried Funhouse Jamz? Either way, with them creepy organs, two-steppin beats, jaunty, warble-pedal’d guitars, drugged, dark vocals (and some freaky falsetto), these here folx are pretty proud to record it all on vintage recording equipment, with a “zero digital” ethic, which is surprising, considering the expertly-woven layers of dynamic noise that are constantly snaking full blast throughout the tracks. Did I mention the disembodied horns section? Capital “P” PEP! They’ve taken the best aspects of the Meat Puppets (II) and Man Man (Six Demon Bag) and strung them together with a sinister panache that makes this tape a must listen for anyone seeking new angles in the old maze of western musics. Catchy but gritty, flirting with old tropes, all the while stretching just past pop’s predictable polish and into sweet, sweet darkness. Waltzing with the devil!


-- Jacob An Kittenplan