(Hairy Spider Legs)

Hairy Spider Legs presented this split in July and it's a really interesting ride. Pittsburgh/Brooklyn visual artist Dean Cercone puts forth a twangy collection of drowsy folk jams on perforated by telephone rings, minimal percussion, manipulated melodies and emotive vocals. All three songs offer a hefty amount of bliss and movement. The album summary on the label site offers understandable comparisons to Animal Collective but these compositions have a distinct, intimate aura about them that is unique.

Pregnant's side is of a similar nature. There is a bit more going on in the harmony and pop department, though. Daniel Trudeau shifts the split into the tropical. Excellent sample manipulations and vocal lines help shape the accessibility of this collection. Some of the songs remind me of Uumans, while others evoke an electronic reconstruction of Devendra Banhart. Pregnant is definitely working in a lane of his own, though. Comparisons should be taken lightly. The standout on this side is in the last line of the last cut, Isabella Your Song: Cuz Instagram Still Works. Pregnant is awesomely referential to modern times in lyrics and sound while still harnessing promising techniques from past voices of folk, electronic, and hip-hop.

LIYL: Uumans, Madlib, TOBACCO, Devendra Banhart

-- Joseph Morris