"VOMA" C35
(Magical Garage Taste)

While I could easily listen all day to David Attenborough’s narrating the ever-cyclical workings of Shiva’s great processes throughout the myriad micro-cosmoses, hitting the mute button and pressing play on the stereo with Somnoroase Pasarele’s “VOMA” on deck proves the greatest gift of all. I’ll try & not break an arm whilst patting my own back on this one, but this pairing is ek-fucking-zquisite: What better way to watch the mechanically-graceful teamwork of ants than alongside aural augmentations of a living, breathing soundtrack that (also) creates space and time through nuanced arrivals and departures of sonorous and dissonant textures that not only interact and change but outright mature after each meeting?

The pace throughout is upbeat, meditative, recurring, with nuanced shifts, like the total average of all footsteps on Earth’s crust, paced and pacing about, differing in time as the latitude shifts. &all the while, tectonic plates shifting under the influence, and vice-versa.

Each side is one long, hallucinatory, psycho-acoustic slab, with atonal melodies (yes) and harmonious textures (uh-huh) wandering in and out as hungry remora-motifs, noshing away at your thought-scraps.

Incredible with AND without headphones, I have not tried to listen to this while leaving the home yet, but I’ll bet it’s a real serious noggin-wrecker. Beware! I suspect humans and insects aren’t that far off…

-- Jacob An Kittenplan