"Crybabe" C37
(Haord Records)

Just like there are “anti-heroes” and “anti-folk”, Tender Cruncher (did Pauly Shore coin this term?) could easily fall into/create the loosey-goosey term “anti-electronica” with her playful, lo-fi, intimate angle on synth/drum-machine-based songwriting.

Half-melodies and decidedly just-short-of-catchy beats compete with a hybrid spoken word/speak-sing…but, like, y’know, heavily processed, fucked with, slowed down and/or chanty. Sound weird? Well, it sure as shit is. You’re just as unlikely to grow bored of anything here as you are of getting it stuck in your head, so, if you’re feeling adventurous, grab a cup of coffee & some headphones and let it all jangle about.


-- Jacob An Kittenplan