“Yhvasca” (Jungle Gym Records)

African Ghost Valley is a Canadian/European electronic duo that produces self-described “heavy, loud and floating landscapes.” On YHVASCA, the group’s first effort for Jungle Gym Records, listeners are presented with six concise dark ambient numbers that act as “a soundtrack for post-apocalyptic suburbia.”

YHVASCA opens with “APO IIXII,” a constantly shifting piece with loops and synth drones fading in and out of the mix, competing for space. Some other favorites include “WARMA”—which sounds like the remnants of a song crushed to bits and buried beneath electronic murk—and the title track “YHVASCA”—featuring waves of foreboding noise and light, twinkling chimes lurking in the background.

With YHVASCA, listeners are offered a brief glimpse into the universe that African Ghost Valley inhabits. The enigmatic and ever-shifting nature of the album, coupled with its run time of just over twenty minutes, lends itself to repeated listens. Check it out, and let YHVASCA be the soundtrack to your droning dystopian nightmare.

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-- Brandon Spaulding