"Yawnkillers" C26
(Auralgami Sounds)

Tony Robot’s side on the “O” card hosts some sort of masked robot warrior, right hand out, gesturing a lightningbolt clad finger “downward”, perhaps suggesting that you’ll want to “get down” with this release, or maybe that you’re “going down” in a fight with said arbiter of pain. And with the three song titles on his side: “Doom Stick”, “Death Adder”, and “Fatal Roundhouse”, it’s safe to say that a double entendre hath been implied, as the dozen minutes feel like yet another sequel to the Rocky training montages, only adapted to today’s sports/energy drink aesthetic. Plenty of “hard hitting” beats, replete with actual explosion sounds and “heavy” pulsings throughout. Tony Robot, indeed, wants to “bring it”.

Atomo’s side is markedly more eclectic and explorative, albeit just as “extreme” in the “get down and stay down” department.  Track one explores a sweet li’l piano lick that’d easily fit in the background of Big Boi’s “Boomiverse” album, but with a roller-skate-rink-on-speed’s accompanying percussion and processed “beep beep” (think Samba’s whistle, but 4 octaves lower) to keep the booty and neck from shaking in unison. Track two is a doozey, weaving between 5/4 & 4/4 seamlessly, and adding a catchy vocal line at the end, with a 6/8, pitchbending, apartmentcomplexburner, to boot! The final jam, in 8/8, aims to please you into the ground, with effortlessly upbeat energy for days. Maybe millennia. Really, I’m too damn old to be dancing, or even neck-swaying to this shit, so I’m glad this set is short, being so incredibly condensed and all.

If you’re in the mood for dance-tronic beats from where the mid-west meets the mid-south, this is good food for your jambox.

-- Jacob An Kittenplan