"Stereochronic" C30
(Punkadelia Records)

If you were just pleasantly wondering what a shoegaze band out of Norfolk, Virginia might sound like, I have good news for you; pleasant news, even. “You’re Jovian” fit the bill. Yes, one jangly rhythm guitar trades spotlights with another more heavily pedal’d lead guitar while a confident bass player & lively drummer pleasantly hold down the fort. Since any semblance of diction in this genre was banned around four decades ago (opinions aren’t guaranteed to be pleasant), YJ dutifully obey The Recipe, both burying their vocals in the mix AND running them through every reverb pedal they could find. The result is, as you’d imagine, pleasant; straight up pleasant. Barring the requisite dissonance of wah-and/or-phaser-drowned solos planted throughout, this release, along with pretty much every other decent shoegaze band worth its salt(y tears) would fit perfectly, pleasantly & innocuously into the background of a low-key picnic or family gathering, letting all within earshot either mildly sway along or attempt to ignore (and subsequently, subconsciously mildly sway along) with the vibes. Give a listen via the link below. You might be pleasantly surprised.

-- Jacob An Kittenplan