"Lizard Brain Decision" C32
(Audacious Art Experiment)

Say what you will about the pop song (unimaginative, simple, predictable), but to even attempt to write half an hour’s worth of three chord songs with lyrics that aren’t absolutely miserable pap is, well, HARD WORK, and to do it in six days is pretty goddamn insane. Joe Ashe of Sheffield, UK manages to not only pull this off, the writing within 6 days, but PLAYING all the instruments AND recording it all, as well! But here’s the kicker…IT’S NOT JUST POP! In fact, though built around the garage rock aesthetic, Sleep Terminal steps it up with intricately arranged movements, creative, nuanced feedback, noise loops, and a mélange of effects that I can’t possibly imagine he had in his brain while cranking this beastly mess (and by “mess” I mean “incredibly tightly executed wall-of-death sound”) in less than a week’s time. It takes most bands YEARS to churn out this kind of quality…and, really, the majority don’t ever achieve the half-way mark (however the fuck one measures that). I’m bowled over, and, as you can maybe tell by now, a li’l jealous of JA’s skills. I wonder if his amygdala didn’t take a time out on its fear-watch to lend a helping hand in bridging the left and right brain for 144 hours so they could expertly, automatically churn this puppy out. As far as I’m concerned, witchcraft is at play here.

If you like psychy garage-rock, or simply want to admire songcraft on the fly, this release ought to blow your goddamn mind. Listen loudly!

-- Jacob An Kittenplan