"Transparens" C51
(Idle Chatter/Fabrica Records)

Idle Chatter is Fabrica Records’ cassette-only partner label and NaEE RoBErts’ “Summer Care” is but one tape in “Transparens”, a femme-focused 3xCS set, alongside Montréal’s Gambletron and Floridian (tape curator), Wren Turco. All 3 three artists work to expand upon electronic music, with NaEE RoBErts taking a decidedly vocal focus, oftentimes singing atonally overtop droning, warbled synth lines and busy, techno beats.

These brazen vocals will likely make it or break it for you, as their time spent “between the keys” (or maybe a quarter step up/down?) can be a bit disorienting for the western ear. The tonally strong musical arrangements they’re pitted up against provide a pleasing anchor that’d be really hard to lose track of if it weren’t for such imposing singing, and maybe that’s the point, and this is truly groundbreaking? Find out for yourself via the link below.

-- Jacob An Kittenplan