"Goldsound" C50
(Time Release Records)

Cleveland, Ohio’s Gina Kantner (aka Chromesthetic) is a lone looper, harnessing the power of the pedal through stoner rock riffage, delay/reverb’d feedback, and…drum machine? Yep, that’s a drum machine.

I’m not gonna lie. The first few listens, I wish’t that I was in an alternate universe where I was the reviewer for “vinylgods” and I had the pleasure of drowning in my own drool over the mantric riffage of Kantner’s eponymous debut. Nearly perfect throughout, it doesn’t seem to hold the same consistent weight as this newer, more experimental offering, but maybe that’s a good thing? Why re-mix a tried & true algorithm when there’s so much more to explore? What is heaviness but anticipation?

Still deeply focused on tone and the timbral products of so many recurring* posits running to and fro, Goldsound’s ebbs & flows give the brain some room to breathe, side-track, and re-orient, before nodding along again in sweet, sweet relief. Best if listened to LOUD(!) on bass-y speakers. Apologize to your neighbors in adavance.

-- Jacob An Kittenplan