(What’s for Breakfast? Records)

This is some p dope punk rock and really the only kind I’ve ever known anything about unless you count Green Day, who is my favorite band in the world and nothing like this. But that doesn’t matter cuz why would you even want to be compared to Green Day when you are making this kind of music? Prolly you wouldn’t. Or maybe you only like Green Day’s early stuff in which case maybe you wouldn’t mind. Still this tape has nothing to do with Green Day. Bleeders is doing it right. Doing a good job. Pat them on the back next time you see them and say Good job Bleeders I believe in you and I understand your vision. Their mind is in the right place and they sing about cool things like aunts that you love even though everyone else hates them. They also sing about things that are not cool at all but are good to sing about. Like when people misbehave in unforgivable ways and how it’s important to tell them to eff off and that what they have done is wrong and it would be better for everyone if they changed their ways right now by owning up and begging forgiveness. Punk rock has always been a really great way to say these kinds of things, which is probably why people invented it. In direct opposition to all that is evil. There’s lots of diff kinds of punk these days and Bleeders is the best kind, the early kind, the original kind, the kind that everyone thinks abt whenever u hear the words punk rock. I’ve never known about Bleeders before now and yet they make me feel v nostalgic for the punks of yesteryear and happy to know that they have begat the punks of today who drive their legacy forward through the dark and treacherous times.

-Ricky Lemonseed