HYLIDAE "s/t" C30 (Night People Records)

Armed with ‘90s upbeat techno aesthetic and ‘10s dubstep modularly-shifting atonality, Hylidae massages together every single trope among the two (and all subgenres betwixt- minus obligatory metronomic pulse), thus culling this vast expanse into one techno-cosmic blackhole’d tome-in-concentrate.

&while the first few minutes might have us wondering if this is just another multi-layered pop-fest collage of major-chord vaporwave phrasings, the progressively erratic transitions between riff, melody, harmony, &rhythm all seamlessly coalesce into one solid, energetic (I did dance; like, a lot) journey that, due to convoluted arrangement, proves well worthy of continued revisitations. This is a pretty rad debut, and I’m really curious as to where Hylidae goes from here.


-- Jacob An Kittenplan